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September 96-May 2000:

Surveillance of Salmonella in the Danish poultry sector:

  • establishment and maintenance of databases.

  • tracing of infection sources.

  • advising poultry farmers with persistent Salmonella infections
    (cleaning, disinfection, rodent control, biosecurity, and sampling).

June 2000-August 2003:

Project co-ordinator for cleaning and disinfection projects under the Danish Salmonella Control Programme for Poultry, divided into two sub-projects:

  1. Development of microbiological monitoring models in broiler houses: assessment of the impact of cleaning and disinfection procedures on Salmonella persistence.

  2. Heat disinfection as a sanitation method for Salmonella infections in poultry houses.

From January 2001 matriculated at Department of Clinical Veterinary Science,
Division of Food Animal Science, Langford, University of Bristol, England, as an MSc student; as from March 2002 upgraded to PhD student. For more information, click here.

Member of the working group of the book "Desinfektion i husdyrbruget" (5. ed., 2002, The National Committee for Pig Production, Research & Development, Danish Bacon and Meat Council).
Link to the book.

Links to report: The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: The National Salmonella Control Programme for the Production of Table Eggs and Broilers 1996-2002.
English. Danish.

September 2003-February 2004:

Project co-ordinator for the innovation law project "Poultry: development of disinfection methods for the elimination of Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza and Gumboro Disease virus in poultry houses - phase 1 (heat disinfection)".

From March 2004:

Epidemiological registry research in infectious diseases, mainly comprising:

  • Zoonotic gastro-intestinal Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria

  • Bacteremia
    Participant in the multi-national population-based bacteremia surveillance collaborative;
    attended its introductory meeting on 25-26 February 2010 in Calgary, Canada.
    The collaborative involves six regions in four countries in three continents with a combined annual surveillance population of more than 8 million residents.
    Link to background article.

  • Antibiotic consumption in pregnancy and childhood and risk of acquring leukemia in children

  • Antibiotic consumption and risk of acquiring antibiotic resistant infectious diseases

  • Biomarkers, especially inflammation biomarkers, in frail patients

  • Biomarkers as indicators of infection in haematological cancer patients

Reviewed manuscripts for:

Acta Obstetrica et Gynecologica Scandinavica
African Journal of Microbiology Research
American Journal of Infection Control
Annals of Medicine
Antibiotic Resistance & Infection Control

Archives of Internal Medicine
BioMed Research International
BMC Infectious Diseases
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders
BMJ Open
British Poultry Science
Cancer Management and Research
Clinical Epidemiology
Clinical Infectious Diseases
Clinical Interventions in Aging
Clinical Microbiology and Infection
Emergency Medicine International
Epidemiology and Infection
European Journal of Pediatrics

FEMS Microbiology Letters
Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
Infection and Drug Resistance
International Journal of Cancer
International Journal of General Medicine
International Journal of Infectious Diseases
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Journal of Infection
Journal of Infection and Public Health
Journal of Inflammation Research
Journal of International Medical Research

Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology
Open Forum Infectious Diseases
Patient Preference and Adherence
Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva
SAGE Open Medicine
Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management
The Lancet Regional Health - Europe
Veterinary Microbiology

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